Friday, August 26, 2011

Tamhini ghat : Photos

Monsoons is the time when the heavens descend upon the Sahyadris. The clouds move down from their lofty abodes for a rendezvous with these mountains. The Sahyadris too dress up for this festivity, draping themselves with green robes, adorning a turban of ethereal mist.
The water streams, the lakes and the ponds also ornament the entire region.
The gushing water falls on the rocks creating  percussion beats as if  apprising all that the celestial guests have arrived. This enthuses a restless energy in the atmosphere creating a feeling of perfect bliss.
This is the time when Tamhini ghat exposes its abounding finery creating a visual treat for the people to see.
Tamhini ghat is a mountain pass connecting the plateau region near Pune to the coastal region of the Konkan.
It is located around sixty kilometers from Pune.

The route being : Pune- Chandni Chowk-Pirangut-Mulshi- Tamhini ghat.
In the monsoons , Tamhini ghat provides the perfect picnic spot for many vacationers arriving here from Pune and its adjoining regions.
They get to enjoy the scenic delights that Tamhini ghat offers and the pleasures of reliving their childhood by drenching in the drizzle and bathing under water chutes.
The Tamhini ghat further joins the coastal plains of the Konkan region in Maharashtra. As one goes further one gets a vantage view of the green rice fields across the road.
Tamhini ghat is also quite near to other tourist attractions like Fort Raigad, Gandharpale caves and Shivthar ghal.

Photographs and Text : Abhijit Rajadhyaksha