Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ancestral Goa (Big Foot) Museum : Loutelim, Goa

Ancestral Goa museum is the brainchild of artist Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares.

Pics(above): Sachin Dinde

Built on a sprawling estate of 9 acres in 1994, Ancestral Goa acts as a showcase for Goan culture and history.

The museum is situated at Loutelim and is also known as the Big Foot museum, because of the presence of a stone imprint of a large foot which the locals believe to be that of a local saint.

Pics (above): Sachin Dinde

The estate has several clay models depicting Goans in their various professions, chores (e.g toddy maker, fisherman, salt bank, coconut splitting etc) and moods besides several Goan artefacts, handicrafts, paintings etc which are on display.

There is also a large sculpture of Saint Mirabai. It holds the Limca record of the largest laterite sculpture in India

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Text and photographs : Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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