Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bhigwan Lake : A Photologue

Bhigwan lake lies near the town Bhigwan off Pune-Solapur highway (90kms from Pune). It is a favourite destination of birdies from all over India and is famous for its migratory birds, especially in the winter season.

A boat can be hired at village Diksal , 15kms near Bhigwan , which takes one around the lake.

One gets to see birds like flamingoes, demoiselle cranes, open billed storks, painted storks,grey heron, king fishers, harriers,purple herons, egrets,gulls, ducks etc.


Pic: Flamingos

Pic: Demoiselle crane
Pic: Egret
Pic: Egret
Pic: Ibis
Pic: Spoon bill stork
Pic: Painted stork
Pic: Open billed stork

 Pic: Gadwall duck

 Pic: Grey heron

 Pic: Gull

 Pic: Black winged stilt
Pic: White browed wagtail

 Pic: Marsh harrier

 Pic: Pond heron

 Pic: Purple heron
Pic: White throated kingfisher

Text & Photographs : Abhijit Rajadhyaksha


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  3. Hey amazing photos of bhigwan lake. I would definitely visit this place in my next holiday vacations.