Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Saints Church,Pune: A Photo Feature

All Saints Church was established in 1869. It served as a church for the British soldiers of Southern Command. It is said that important military officers like the commander in chief of the southern command, the governor etc used to offer prayers in this church.

The church is located in Kirkee (now better known as Khadki), Pune. This is where the British East India Company soldiers had defeated the Peshwas army and had made inroads in the Deccan.

Post independence 1947, the defence ministery handed over the charge of this church to the Indian church trustees ,Calcutta. Subsequently it became a part of the Churches of North India,Diocese of Pune (Earlier in 1970, the Anglican Church of India had merged into the Churches of North India). The church also contains the regimental colors of the 23rd Bombay Light Infantry.

The church also has a communion with the Church of South India and Mar Thomas Syrian Church.

The Church today lies across the old Mumbai Pune highway. A gate takes one inside a rough road and towards the church.
One is amazed to see this beautiful stone edifice in all its magnificence lying almost hidden amidst lush greenery and tall trees.

The Church is built in the Gothic tradition with a vaulted slanting roof, rose/lancet/dormer windows/aedicules etc . 

The red roof beautifully contrasts the black stone structure.

It is said that the wood required for the Church was brought over from Burma and the glasses were imported from Belgium.

The church is beautified by flowers,trees and plants planted in its surroundings.

Pic source: All saints church official site

Services in English,Marathi and Malyalam are offered in the church.

This church also holds records of marraiges,baptism,birth and death since 1869. Adjoining the church is also the All Saints high school.

This beautiful church is indeed a prized heritage site of Pune.

Text and Pictures (except the one credited) by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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