Thursday, November 18, 2010

Modi Ganpati Temple, Pune : A Photo Feature

Modi Ganpati temple is also known as the Bomblya Ganpati temple. It is located in Narayan Peth, near Khushrooshet Modi garden, Pune.The Ganpati idol was apparently discovered in the Modi garden, hence the name.

This temple was built by a Ratnagiri-Konkanastha brahmin named Bhat who had settled down in Pune in the early 19th century (1811). He constructed the ‘garbhagriha’ (sanctum sanctorum) and installed the swayambhu (natural formation) Ganesha idol. The ‘sabhamandap’ (assembly hall) was constructed later in 1868.

The ‘shikhara’ (temple tower / superstructure) is built in the ‘devali’ style and is 'nagara' in classification. It consists of layers of nasis (niched windows), one above the other in a curvilinear form.

The temple is enclosed within a plastered brick wall. The temple itself consists of the ‘gabhara’ and the ‘sabhamandapa’.

 The ‘sabhamandapa’ has  wooden interiors (arcade like arched wooden pillars and ceiling, so similar to Peshwakaalin temples of Pune, like the Kasba Peth Ganpati temple) and comprises of a rectangular hall and the vestibule (housing the mose, the Lords carrier).

There is a aisle separating the sabhamandap from some adjoining rooms that probably are used for housing and administration purposes.The way from the sabhamandap door to the sabhamandap passes through this aisle.

The sabhamandap walls are decorated with paintng of Lord Ganesha and his exploits. The gabhara houses the Ganesha idol inside a brass ‘devghar’ (deity-idol enclosure).

The sabhamandap has a tiled roof which gives it a look so typical like in temples of the Konkan region.

The temple is indeed a must see for its heritage value.

Text and photographs: Abhijit Rajadhyaksha


  1. I have stayed just next to the modi ganapati temple for 13 years and is a regular visitor of this temple.
    Felt good after seeing the temple and ganapati pics.
    Thanks to you.

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