Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jangli Maharaj Mandir, Pune: A Photo Feature

Jangali Maharaj was a ascetic yogi belonging to the nineteenth century. He was a disciple of Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. In his youth he was said to be a towering person over seven feet tall and a wrestlers build to match. He was a hath yogi who had acquired his yogic capabilities after severe penances.

Pic.Jangali Maharaj,

He was said to have meditated in the Bhamburde jungles of Shivajinagar, Pune  which earned him the sobriquet Jangali Maharaj or King of the Jungle. After he breathed his last in 1890, his disciples built a samadhi at Shiavajinagar, next to the ancient Pataleshwar cave temple.

Since then a sabhamandap has been constructed adjoining the samadhi sthal. 

It is built in typical 18/19th century marathi temple style, complete with wooden construction and  a tiled roof . 

There is a huge bell tied outside the sabhamandap alongside a concrete lotus sculpture.

The entrance is marked by a nagarkhana. 

A series of steps take one up to the temple.

A small artificial water tank with a cow spout and a wall mural depicting a palkhi (palanquin) procession beautifies the site.

Today this simple temple is one of Punes most famous landmarks and has the road named after it.

Text and Pictures: Abhijit Rajadhyaksha


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  2. Thank you Jitendra.I have continued my travelogues in my other blog